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Current Annual Projects

The Julia Robinson Mathematics and Computing Festival was founded in spring 2007 to encourage middle school girls to investigate diverse areas of mathematics they would not ordinarily encounter in the classroom. Mathematicians ranging from college undergraduates to first-rate professionals host tables devoted to different activities; students work on the activities with each other and with the activity leader. Students spend perhaps 30 minutes on each of 6 activities that they choose from the several dozen available.  Advisors are asked to click here to measure student interest in the activities conducted during JRMF.

Team Lead:

Currently Active Projects

This student organization is focused on increasing retention within the College of Computing and Informatics (CCI) and recruiting students into computing from the rest of the UNCC student body. We accomplish this through the forum of the STARS Student Organization's weekly meetings that involve:

  • Tech Talks on certain topics
  • Panels about internships and REUs, about CCI Alumni, and about graduate school
  • Workshops to improve resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and interview skills

This forum lays the groundwork for students to collaborate with each other through team projects, networking events with industry professionals, and to help build their identity within UNC Charlotte's CCI. The team also promotes outreach for middle school and high school students where UNCC student volunteers teach computer science concepts to children in hopes of sparking interest in STEM fields.

Team Lead:
Francisco J. Vargas Guadalupe

The SPARCS - Saturday Academy team develops and teaches training modules for pre-college students covering various computer science topics including web development, security, object-oriented programming, and video game design. We serve as mentors for middle school age girls with a goal to broaden participation in STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). The training sessions are conducted monthly on the UNCC campus.

Team Lead:
Rebecca Somersall

The High School Game Development at Olympic Outreach Group uses game development as a means of imparting the value of STEM and higher education STEM learning in an approachable and interesting way. We do this by interacting with the students on a weekly basis with the goal of having them create their own games and answering any questions they may have about pursuing STEM in the future and about university life. Our main tool is GameMaker as it allows us to develop retro style games through an easy to learn interface that promotes the learning of computer science concepts without the technical barrier of entry. 

Team Lead:
Daniel Ball, James Budday

Students are taught basic computer programming concepts through basic video game design. Using the simple drag and drop software Scratch students create simple games that exemplify simple ways computers can take instruction from a human in the programming process. Additionally, students are encouraged to consider careers open to them in computing fields they may want to pursue.

Team Lead:
Alex Lawing, Espoir Tomenou

Current Inactive Projects

SPARCS is group of students from the College of Computing and Informatics at UNC Charlotte that complete outreach in the form of a Cyber Club every Tuesday evening at a local middle school named McClintock. We have been completing weekly outreach at the middle school for over a year and a half. It is the mission of our organization to spread awareness and interest in the field of Computer Science. With the support of the National Science Foundation, UNC Charlotte, and other partners, we develop and present workshops targeting middle school students; the workshops range from web design to encryption and game making. Our volunteers are motivated, intelligent students with a passion for technology and a drive to develop that passion in their community.

Team Lead:
Ebony Martin, Francisco Vargas Guadalupe

SPARCS (Students in Programming, Robotics and Computer Science) is a program consisting of workshops aimed at introducing middle school students to computer science concepts. SPARCS Citizen Schools is a 10-week apprenticeship facilitated in collaboration with Citizen Schools organization. During this Semester students are learning how to build games with Scratch. Scratch is a programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art -- and share your creations on the web.

Team Lead:
Joseph Henriquez

We introduce the Mobile Application Development Investigators (MAD Investigators) curriculum, which utilizes participatory sensing as a central theme to increase middle school students’ engagement and interest in science and technology. Participatory sensing involves the general public in collecting and sharing information about the surrounding environment through the use of sensing (e.g., camera, GPS, accelerometer) and input capabilities on handheld mobile devices, such as smartphones. We present the results of a pilot offering of the MAD Investigators curriculum as part of a 10-week after-school program for middle school children. Our results indicate the potential for participatory sensing as a tool for increasing engagement in technology; after participating in the MAD Investigators program, students viewed technology more favorably, indicated increased enjoyment of technology, and indicated increased interest in pursuing education and careers in science and computing.

Team Lead:
Carla Bendezu

Through our High School Outreach (HSO) program, we aim at providing prospective students with the necessary information and encouragement to guide them to make an informed decision when choosing a college and degree. Our goal is to make the process of applying to college as clear and easy to understand as possible. We inform students with a wealth of resources available to them, including ways to fund their education, how to select a college that suits them, and how to select a major that will benefit them in the long run.

Team Lead:
Ronak Patel