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STARS Computing Corps at UNC Charlotte


The STARS Leadership Corps (Corps) is a multi-year experience providing students with support throughout their academic journey. The Corps fosters an extended student community among academia, industry, and the community through civic engagement, mentoring, and professional development and/or research experiences to promote recruitment and leadership development through service learning. The Corps has been implemented with the following central values that have been shown to be effective for recruiting and graduating under-represented students in computing.

  • Technical Excellence - developing students’ technical excellence. Motivating and enabling students to become highly competent in computing, thereby increasing their confidence and interest in computing; preparing for entry into workforce, graduate school and the professoriate.
  • Leadership – developing students’ soft skills, including leadership and professional development, team work, writing, speaking, and time-management.
  • Civic Engagement and Service – developing students’ ability and desire to use computing and technology in service to society. Helping students to see the social relevance of computing, both through the workforce and research.
  • Community – developing students’ sense of belonging within a larger computing community; training on identity development, diversity, gender issues, and a tiered mentoring model.